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Element not found browse.

Submitted: 2/16/2016

Hello I cant' make work template "print_version", if I browse it trough VVR bulder everething works fine, but when I run Project, no element found on this template . I

Processing Link template print_version (1 of 1). Text: <i title="?????? ??? ??????" class="b-about-main__sprite print" id="print_version" onclick="internal_ga_selector(['_trackEvent', 'productinfo', '...

00:34 No content found for Form

00:34 No content found for Form1

00:34 No content found for Packing

00:34 No content found for SrokGod

00:34 No content found for Hranenie

00:34 No content found for Peredoz

00:34 No content found for Description

00:34 No content found for MainImage

Replied: 2/17/2016 4:24:52 AM

'MainMenu', 'SubCat' both templates use 'WebCralwer' agent individually as you set, 

Another hand, I noticed that you set 'Restart web browser on failure' = true in global advanced options, not sure why you did that , after I recover to normal web browser agent for 'MainMenu', 'SubCat' template, I seem to understand why it was , 'SubCat' link template keep to encounter navigate error, then by your setting, it will restart to retry? but it still further fails over and over.

To resolve this above issue, I have set empty link transformation scripts for 'SubCat' link template for avoiding to execute javascript on click, then it seems to work fine at run-time.

For those missing fields, all works properly also except 'Form', 'Form1' elements have same name as parent's ones, it will cause content being overriten on data export, you need to rename them as new one.