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Submitted: 4/6/2017


I am getting a "Update your Browser" at when using the Web Ripper.  Seems like they are detecting your software - any comments on this?



Replied: 4/10/2017 5:39:27 AM

Hi Steve,

Please make sure you have updated version of VWR and the Web Browser Emulation is set to IE11. Go to Tools > Web Browser emulation and set it to IE11.

Best regards,

Replied: 4/7/2017 10:25:37 AM

Hi Steve,

I've just done a very quick test, and I didn't seem to have any problems accessing the website. Where are you getting the error? On the homepage? Also, which version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer.

Replied: 4/8/2017 12:58:56 AM
I have attached a screenshot of what I am getting.  I am using FireFox and it is the current version.  I also tried Crome and got the same message