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How can we scrape the data which are coming in Pop-Up Window?

Submitted: 8/18/2016

I have added screen shots regarding my query. In screen shot 1 we need to collect the information from "more option" which can see, but that more option is coming like pop up window after clicking  that is in screen shot 2.

So, How to Scrape the "more option" screen automatically?

For example here is the link for the query:

I have one more query.

How can we Auto Scroll the web page in Ripper? 

Hope to hear from you soon.
Screen Shot 2.JPG
Screen Shot.JPG

Replied: 8/19/2016 6:41:14 AM

Simply, you create a link template to click on 'more' link that it brings popup, then you extract the full list via page area template.

See the attached new project. I'm not sure why you want a auto-scroll with web page, you might refer to the below topic for setup: