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Error extracting data

Submitted: 1/6/2016
Hi Team,

I have updated the tool to latest version and when I run the project it seems to error out with "Invalid URL: host name could not be parsed". It works fine for first few data scrape. Later it stops.

Thanks in advance

Replied: 1/7/2016 2:38:50 AM

I ran the project until ending, it doesn't raise this dialog to say ' host name could not be parsed', but most of log lines show me:

09:34 Form field Destination not found

I'm thinking it shouldn't be possible to raise the dialog provided by VWR, have you tried proxies in this project? see if the issue persists?

Replied: 1/6/2016 11:30:21 AM
Attached the input csv file
Indian Resortlist CSV- Copy.csv