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CSV file download.

Submitted: 6/28/2017
Hi Team,

I am trying to download the final data in CSV file after selecting some variables from url -

For final download button I took the FormSubmit Type template and in its advanced options -> File download on form submit I set the Download file on submit to True and Fixed file extension to csv.

Still the script is giving error and not able to download the file.
On click event they are callling the javaScript function onclick="return Validate();
So, in Action I chaged the template to JavaScript(including AJAX) with Asynchronous radio button selected.

I have attached the file for reference
Please help in this regard.

Replied: 6/29/2017 5:32:36 AM


I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Before doing anything, please determine first if the download button actually works in VWR or whether VWR can download the file you need. VWR uses web browser emulation of Internet Explorer and so there could be some difficulties downloading your file and also try if the website works well in Internet Explorer browser, especially the download. Please use the attached test agent. Run the agent with "View browser" option and it will wait for about 10 minutes before executing the download action. It gives you time to navigate in the browser to set everything before the download. With this, you will determine if VWR can download your file.
  2. In some link template with Javascript action, it is better to have a 1-3 seconds delay, especially those link template that needs to load a window (such as "selectMajor", "selectAwardLevel"). 
  3. While testing your agent, please do so with "View Browser" option so that you can see what is happening. You can also set the "Use sized window" into True in Advanced settings.

Best regards,