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PageNavigation not working

Submitted: 3/29/2016

Hi, in my project I want to extract information of different vacancies from a website called but I cannot make my PageNavigation work right. I have filled in all the search criteria manually and than copied the URL in Visual Web Ripper. I made it click all the links on the firs page and extract the right data from each vacancy. What I want next is the PageNavigation. Therefore, I select the next page button (on the bottom of the page) and turn it into a template and name it PageNavigation. I than save it and try to open it to see if it directs me to the second page, but every time I do this it redirects me to the regular search page of and all my search criteria are gone. Can someone take a look at it and tell me if I did something wrong or is there something wrong with the text coding of the 'next page button'?

Hope you can help me!

Replied: 3/29/2016 8:03:25 AM


I have checked the project file that you attached and modified the x-Path for pagination template.

x-Path for pagination template:


Please check the attached project file then let me know if it is working properly on your end.

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