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Trouble with the Agent.

Submitted: 3/4/2018

since today all my projects stopp with the message "Trouble with the Agent. The agent don`t work more correct because some problem,." "The program will be closed, we will inform you if the problem is solved."

Please see the screenshot.

Version 3.016, Windows 10 Pro, Firefox Quantum 58.0.2 (64 Bit)

(Till yesterday everything was fine, I don`t change anything on my PC.)

Please help me urgently.

Thanks in advance.


Replied: 3/6/2018 7:06:05 AM

Hi Olaf,

Try to set your Web Browser emulation into IE11. (Tools >  Web Brower Emulation)

Also, please run it with Debug ticked and increase the debug level to 10. Then go to Documents\Visual Web Ripper\Log and send the log file to me.

Replied: 3/11/2018 5:08:38 PM
Thank you very much for your help.