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trying to grab photo, but it's one of those zoomy things

Submitted: 2/15/2016


Attached is my lasted project and I'm trying to extract all of the PC products my vendor offers me to resell.

The only issue is while trying to capture the photo.  I played around and experimented using html as the type of data for VWR to detect and it grabbed a long and complicated div tag structure.   I know at this point I need to use a regex transformation but I don't know regex syntax well enough to apply to this string that does contain the <img src ... > reference tag to the actual image name and location.

So can you devise a regex in this instance to enable the project to grab the image (large version preferably) so I can see how you did it?



Replied: 2/15/2016 7:03:15 AM

I don't think that you have to set regex scripts for getting large image url, instead, you can select the large image from Tree view tool.

See the attached new project.