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looking for tutorial or instruction

Submitted: 3/10/2016

I have a list of links on a page. I want to filter that list by a value from the next column so I don't navigate to all links.

Do you have a video that shows this process ? I've watched all videos I can find, but none seem to show these steps.
I read the manual, but it didn't help explain the steps in detail. I will attach a screen shot to help explain.

Replied: 3/11/2016 2:22:05 AM

You can create a page area template to filter out 'UCC-1' by specific xpath:

//TABLE[@id='gvSearch']/TBODY[1]/TR[@][position(1,0,0)][TD[5] !=' UCC-1']

Then iterating through those links inside page area template.

See the attached new project.