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Submitted: 5/4/2017


I would need to scrape this page:!/printTable?trackType=student&sightMode=undefined&simpleMapping=true&section=ranking&pref-4=1&pref-4=2&pref-5=1&pref-11=1&pref-13=1&pref-15=1&valueLetterMode=showLetters&indicators=28&indicators=3&indicators=30&indicators=37&indicators=4&indicators=8&indicators=83&indicators=84&indicators=85&indicators=86&indicators=9&indicators=90&indicators=91&indicators=5&indicators=106&indicators=89&indicators=92&indicators=87&indicators=25&indicators=20&indicators=21&indicators=35&indicators=29&indicators=33&indicators=34&indicators=40&indicators=18&indicators=12&indicators=16&indicators=15&indicators=11&indicators=10&indicators=17&name=null&field=35

But I need to extract  the numeric value that appears when going with the mouse over the corresponding letter score in the table (possibly together with the letter score). Is this possible?

Thank you in advance,

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Replied: 5/11/2017 12:19:43 PM

Hi Federica,

I'm not sure what "replicate" means to you but you can capture the entire HTML code of the table. 

Replied: 5/5/2017 2:31:40 AM

Hi Federica,

It seems you can. Looking at the HTML code, the data is available so you can capture that letter score without mouseover.

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Replied: 5/11/2017 10:49:05 AM


Thank you!

I am still not sure how can I structure the agent to scrape the whole table (basically as output I would need to replicate the same table)

Is there a quick way to do this??

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