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Submitted: 2/21/2016

Using the example project, VacationhomesMySQL, I've created a connection to my own MySQL server.

I've created the tables as insructed to by running the SQL. I got an error in the script saying that the table wasn't found in my database. So I changed the SQL statement to change the case to the first table from "vacationhome" to "VacationHome". 

Now when I run the code it says that the specified cast is not valid.

"The export script returned false indicating failure.

Custom script error: Specified case is not valid."

The only reason I'm doing the example project is so that I can input my own variables into the script to export data from my other projects. 

I am unfamiliar with C# and wish that I could recieve support on this project. VWR might want to update their script if it's failing too.

Replied: 2/22/2016 2:27:43 AM

Maybe the table structure you created has incorrect field type? by default, VWR exports data by string type, can you please try to change to string type in your export table, then trying c# scripts to export table again? 

For example you gave, if you created the export tables by example query, it should be working.. 'photo' field should be set with 'mediumblob' or 'text' type in Mysql, 'vacationHomeId' should be integer type, other fields should be string type by default, please you make sure that you set proper field type with those fields..