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Dynamic Load Website

Submitted: 11/14/2017
Hello @ all,

sorry for my simple English.

I would like capture information from website

My problem is on the detail product site. Here the site loads more content by scrolling down as it`s to see on the first view. If I define the list of products (template LP) it takes only the first only 21 products, which are to see before srolling. In the list definition are f.e. all 211 products past scroll completely down. What is to define in the template action, that the agent take all products from the "dynamic upload" = all 211 products?

Thanks a lot for help.


Replied: 11/20/2017 2:14:26 AM

Hi Olaf,

I have some problem downloading your agents. Can you reupload it again? 

For your question, you can create a link template and put a windowscroll action event in the Advanced tab before you create a page area. You can use the reference below:

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