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RunProject.exe constantly running and absorbing 40% CPU

Submitted: 1/17/2016

Hi -

I have only one Visual Web Ripper Task that runs on a scheduled basis at 0:15 min. past the hour. The scrape is very minor (few minutes long).

I noticed that many times a day - even long after a scrape is finished, the computer fan turns super load - applications get slow.

When I look at the Windos Task Manager - I can see that there is RunProject.exe active.

How come this process is active? (I have Visual Web Ripper open, but even when I close it that RunProject.exe does not stop)

I traced it to the folder of Visual Web Ripper.

What is that file, why and when is it active? And why is it using - constantly - some 37% CPU?

Do you have any malware problems in the VWR applictions?

Please advise. Pleas also see screen shots attached)

exhibit 1.jpg
exhibit 2.jpg
exhibit 3.jpg

Replied: 1/18/2016 3:56:12 AM

When scheduling a project, actually, it will trigger up the command line tool - runproject.exe to run the specific project you specified, 


If the timeline to schedule a project is exceeding what you expect, you should check for the log files of the project , see what happens currently, if you couldn't see the outputed info.log file, you should set Log level = 3 (or higher) for that project then re-schedule the project again. (you can manually fkill the runproject.exe process if it doesn't stop for a long time as you expect).