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Get 10 lowest lowest cost round trip flights from LAX-JFK

Submitted: 3/31/2012
 I would like to extract the ten lowest cost flights from LAX to JFK using Kayak and assuming that the traveler takes a direct flight (no stop-overs) and does not have to take a red-eye flight (no departure after 8pm or before 6am).

There is the basic form data to select on but the additional filtering criteria (departure time, no stopovers) need to be entered on the results page.
Replied: 4/1/2012 1:59:06 AM
Please check the attached project , also, there is an input csv file for that project where's the start urls. you can change any line or add new line in the csv file.
You put the project file and the input csv file in default Visual Web Ripper projects folder, then run this project .

Regarding to change/add csv line:


as you saw, the first section - 2012-04-01-6h means the depart date and time (6h), 2nd section 2012-04-02 is the return date, you can change them by your requirements.
LAX-JFK is the airiine as short name like you saw form fields at first page form.

After you ran out the project, you can make a sort by price with all results in VWR output view (Collected data view) , then you will get the lowest cost fights.

Best regards.