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Submitted: 5/23/2016

I'm new in this and maybe my question is too stupid.
What I want to do is to save just 4 data from some tennis matches that are being played at that moment. The name of both players and de odds of winning the match of both of them.

The issue comes when I am just loading the first page. The second iteration throws me an exception telling me that 'doesn't exist that link'. However if I click the sequence manually I reach the page containig the data.

Any help please. I am actually with the trial version. If I get what I want I will purchase the pro version.

Replied: 5/24/2016 1:45:33 AM
The website executes javascripts to load full content for a delay, in case you need to set 'Delay after completed action' = 3000 (3 seconds) in Project > Project options > Advanced tab > Action section, afterwards, when running the project, the link can be found, but the following next link 'Tenis Lives' show me yellow in either VWR editor or run-time, I have no idea how to proceed.