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Website has no search button

Submitted: 2/10/2016

Some websites want users to hit the 'Enter' key instead of having a submit button. Is there a way to submit a 'Search Submit' in these circumstances?



Replied: 2/12/2016 5:47:00 AM

In this case it's best to use a list of direct start URLs. For example, one start URL could be:

Replied: 2/11/2016 5:18:00 PM

I have attached the file that I am having issues with.



Replied: 2/11/2016 12:58:25 AM

Hello Zach.

You can create the Form Field content for entering text then create Form Submit template to do the same as press the Enter key.

Form Submit Template and Form Field content has the same x-Path. If you are not sure what to do then you can provide the web site URL or attach the project file so I can take a look at it.

Thanks and Best Regards: