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Pintrest Recipe Scrape

Submitted: 4/15/2013
Hey there!

I am assessing the trials version Visual Web Ripper against several other screen-scrape tools for a technical capability we're looking to expand on, and I had a specific project request.

I am impressed with the flexibility of this tool, and one of the re-occurring projects we'd like to run is a pintrest scrape specifically in the food category. We are looking for something set to capture X [~1500 a run] amount of recipes within, capturing the elements of description, source link, repins, and likes (no images) and exporting the results into a xls.

Is there an official route to requesting a version of this project that one of your developers could send over? This would be incredibly valuable in assessing whether your tool meets our needs.




Elements Needed:


Source URL (outbound)




for ~1500 recipes

Replied: 4/15/2013 10:06:12 PM
Please check the attached demo project.

By default, it exports data in Excel XML format, you still can choose other format.

Please note, the 'scroll' link template that it does scroll page down for 3 times only for a testing purpose, you still can scroll page down unlimitly, this can be done by setting "Repeated AJAX call max. count" = 0 in Advanced tab > Action section, therefore, it will scroll page down until there is no more contents in the page.

F.Y.I :

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