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Mobile Recycling Prices

Submitted: 4/2/2013

We require the data from this price comparision site for all the mobiles that it has on its site. All mobile can be found at when you click on this manufacturer luckily ALL phones of that manufacturer can be found on one page, there is no navigation to worry about.

After clicking on the manufacturer, then clicking on the model itself. This is the data that we require exported in XML format...

(1) The make and model of this handset (can be taken from the breadcrumb on the top of each product page)

(2) The supplier who is offering the price, this is just an image and so the supplier name will either have to be taken from the alternative text (shown when you hover on the supplier images) or the image JPG/PNG file will help us identify the supplier who's offering the respected prices. Regardless of how the tool identifies the supplier we need to know the supliers name which is displayed in text to our the XML sheet when we download the data.

(3) "Cash Price" column labled as "Used" adds all prices in this column next to the correct supplier offering that price.

(4) "Voucher Price" same as the above in it's own column caled "Voucher"

(5) "Brand New Price" same as the above in it's own column called "New"

(6) "Non Working Price" same as the above in it's own column called "Broken"

If fields in 3,4,5 or 6 are empty then £0.00 is shown instead.

Also we're not interested in the " Recommends" section just the ones below this, the title that will always start with "Complete List..." so a rule can be setup to only take data from data below this text.

So these are the columns that we require for each mobile phone...

Make & Model






IMPORTANT: on Monday we purchased a full verison of this software and so we would like to run this project on an ongoing basis therefore please send the .rip file to us when designed so that we can run it as and when we require. We'll be adding this data to our website to show how we compare against competitors therefore please make the data as easy for our web developer to work with and clear which prices are relevant to which phone and which supplier is offering them. We will be exporting it in XML format.

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Replied: 4/2/2013 3:41:19 AM
The data structures you gave is a little of hard to generate directly ..

See the attached demo project, 

it can extract the similar data in each tab (Cash price, Voucher price..etc.) as clearly as efficiently, 

If you 'd like to use that structures as you listed format, you can attempt to write custom export script to re-populate the extracted data .


Custom Export Scripts