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backpage - music equipment for sale

Submitted: 5/20/2012

I would like to extract the 20 most recent music items / instraments that are for sale in each city in the United States listed on backpage. com.

Screenshot #1 shows the initial screen and i have higlighted some of the cities (i would like to extract from all cities, not just the ones highlighted).

Screenshot #2 is the page that is navigated too after you select a city. I have highlighted 2 things on this page. the first is the section I would like information extracted from. The second is the navigation button back to the list of cities. After your initial pick of a city on the previous page, you always have to click this navigation button to get back to the list of cities. remembers what city you picked and will automatically bring you back to this city if you just try to go back to so you have to use this link to get back to the initial list of cities. (unless you can find a better way)

Screenshot #3 is the list of the items / instraments in each city. I would like the information from the first 20 of these items extracted. i have highlighted the list of items.

Screenshot #4 is the actual page that i want the information extracted from. I have highlighted and listed the fields i would like extracted in the screenshot... I would like up to 3 pictures captured per listing. some listings will have no picture and some listings will have more then 3 but i just need the first 3. (if you can only configure this to extract 4 elements then only the first picture will be fine)

I hope this is a good explanation. you can email me or call me if you need any further information.

Thank you very much,

Anthony Stachowitz  303 304 8359




screenshot 2.jpg
screenshot 3.jpg
screenshot 1.jpg
screenshot 4.jpg

Replied: 5/22/2012 9:09:12 AM
Which parts are not working for you?
If you run the demo project, it can extract fewer data, if those aren't what you needed, please let me know..

Then this site haven't unified feature for category page / detail page, there are existing many different category/detail looking like not following your spec. We couldn't do a free project make it work for all of cases, that will take much time, we're sorry for the inconvenience.

Whatever, this demo project gave you a good starting to learn VWR software..

Replied: 5/22/2012 8:13:00 AM

I know you guys don't provide any kind of support of these projects but i just wanted to let you know that this did not work at all. It did not extract even 1 piece of the data i was looking for... I will try to figure this out on my own. I hope i can get this to work because, in theory, this seems like a perfect program for what i want to do... but it has to work first.

Replied: 5/20/2012 8:30:16 PM
Please check the attached project and sample data in XML format (you can open it in Excel).
Basically, you will need to put the project file in default Visual Web Ripper projects folder, then run this project in Visual Web Ripper.

B.t.w, Some of categories haven't regular item links.