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Problem Running on AWS

Submitted: 6/9/2016
Hi, I'm am using 2 licences on AWS. I have 2 identical servers (an exact copy) and i run on them run an identical VWR robot.
in both servers i run the robots with the API from the same program. 
however, i keep getting differnt results.  in 1 server, everything works well and in the second one the output is allways missing data. 
this happens with other robots as well
The vwr version in both servers is the same (2.129.9).
any ideas why that is and how to resolve this?

Replied: 6/15/2016 2:39:38 PM
bad server log.txt

Replied: 6/15/2016 2:39:18 PM
I checked the log files in both servers and it seems that in one server the robot behaves differently, 
in the bad server I get:"Error submitting form: AddProductToCart"
and in the good server the form is submitted just fine. 
please see attached log files and project.
My best guess is that some how the robot runs  different version of IE on the bad server and thats whats causing the issue. i follwed this instructions but that does not do the trick:

good server log.txt

Replied: 6/17/2016 12:42:59 PM
I got this Error msg,
Could this cause the problem?
error msg.png

Replied: 6/19/2016 9:56:53 AM

Please you make sure that your have a clear IE browser without installing extra plugins, sometime, the extra plugin in IE browser may affects VWR since both of VWR & IE browser are using same web browser.

I'm not quite sure why you got warning with 'MF.dll' missing, maybe it's an extra plugins in your IE browser? I found some links on google, you may try to fix it first?

Replied: 6/14/2016 3:56:59 PM
Thanks for the quick response,
It will take me few days to look at it more carfully and do some more tests. Please leave this issue open for a few more days and i will give you an update on this issue.
Replied: 6/10/2016 2:22:53 AM

What specific data is missing on the 2nd VWS? have you enabled / checked the info.log to see exactly what happened? both were running with same rip project?


if you still cannot figure out the reason from log file, it's better to attach the specific rip project for diagnose further, and please you clarify and give me sample data for explain the missing data. thanks

Replied: 6/17/2016 12:24:48 PM
the problem is not the fix.
The problem is that i keep getting differnt results and servers that are identical with a robot that is identical with the same version of softaware.
This is a major issue for me because otherwise i can't scale my operation.
This example project is one example i found for this and Im afraid there will be a lot more if I don't find the cause.
in one server the project i added works just fine and in the other I get an error.  

What can be the reason for this? what checks can i  do to find out the cause?

I've attached the to different results

server 2 output.xml
server 1 output.xml

Replied: 6/16/2016 2:28:09 AM

The link template -  'change-country ' should execute AJAX action instead of 'Full page load',

'AddProductToCart' link template is same case that should execute AJAX instead of 'Full page load'.

I ran the attached new project for a while, I didn't see any errors.