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Mitra Kamera

Submitted: 5/15/2013
Hi support,

i've heard a lot about how easy and great visual web ripper is. But now i have problems with this site, or any kind of website that has multi hover selection on it. Could you please assist me. If you could make this project and explain it, that would be great.

I need basically a list from all category in "Produk" (such as Kamera digital pocket, Kamera digital SLR, etc) with all its sub category within "Produk" (such as Canon, Casio, etc).
And for every product i need a list with product title (for example: Canon IXUS 125HS), Price (for example: Rp. 1,785,000,-), and product URL.

So basically what i need from you is a project that can extract all their product with Product Title, Price and Product URL. 

I really hope you can help me since i'm stuck with this site.

One last question, if i buy the paid license, how many free project and what kind of support will i get. Thanks before.

Replied: 5/15/2013 5:32:25 PM
Please check the attached demo project.

We provide a free project for trial user only, if you want to create more projects from us, you can request a project quote,

Please read our terms in supports as follow:

Usually, if some specific issues that you asked won't take more time as we estimated, we will make loose with no strict according to above.