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Time optimization in Ripper

Submitted: 3/3/2016


    Even I have disabled the options(Display images and run activex & flash option) in Browser option for the better process, though my ripper is not optimized it is taking more than 4 hours to run. The ripper is running in the Webcrawler mode but it is taking more time. We need time optimaization for this ripper please advice us.Please find the below attachment.

Replied: 3/4/2016 1:15:18 AM

You can try to increase the number of worker threads in Project > Project options > Misc tab, see if it could be helpful for speeding up, then we recommend that you use html5 parser for web crawler agent (Project > Project options > Advanced tab > Web crawler section).

You marked check 'wait for element's for templates  and elements with 'types1~7', the option is only able work in normal web browser agent , in web crawler agent, it might causes performance issue , attached new project that I've removed this option.