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Using captured values on later forms

Submitted: 9/25/2018
I am evaluating the product and have run into a roadblock that is probably simple; I'm just not searching using the right terminology or haven't looked in the right place in the manual.  California has a state park website where you can filter a list of parks and then end up with a dropdown box that contains all of the parks which match your filter criteria.  Each entry in the dropdown box is a link to a page which gives overall details about the  specific park and gives a button to make a reservation (for camping) at the park.   All of that is easy to navigate/capture with VisualWebRipper except when you click the last button, the one that takes you to a reservation page where you have to retype the name of the park.  As a critique to the web developer, this is really poor design because why would you make a user of the page retype something that is available because you got to the point in the web hierarchy with the "reservation" button through a link that has the name.

This leads to my can I make the name which was used in the dropdown list or from some text value on the parent form, available to use in a text box after opening a new form?  

Hope that is clear, and that this is a suitable place to ask.

Although my VWR code starts at the top and works it way to the specific park page, the following link goes directly to the page where I need help.

On this page you click the "Reservations" tab and it shows the "Online Reservations" button.  Click that button and it takes you to the page where I need to fill in the "City or Park Name" box.

How can I use the name from the previous page, or the name from a couple of steps back where the name was selected from a dropdown in this box?

Replied: 9/26/2018 7:41:40 AM

Hi Tom,

I am glad you reached out our support. That problem you describe is easily accomplished using a custom script. See the attached image. 

Also, when I enter the Park Name, even in Chrome browser, it disappears whenever I click anywhere on the page. Not sure if I missing something.

Best regards,