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Asynchronous Loading

Submitted: 1/18/2016

I want to get some date from the site.

the url such as:

But the site use delay-loaded, so that I can`t get the data from this site everytime.

I want to know whether there are some solutions for this situation.

And it was ok by visualwebripper editor, but it gone bad when I use commandline to run my project.

I attached a demo for this situation.maybe the same situation won`t happen. But I want to know how to deal with this problem by visualwebripper.for example "wait for a element","wait for 3 seconds" and so on.

Replied: 1/19/2016 3:51:23 AM

If you need to wait for elelement on start page url, you can set 'Delay after completed action' in Project > Project options > Advanced tab > Action section, attached new project has set to 5000 (5 seconds) , you can change the delay depending on your internet connection.

For any link template, you also can set the option in advanced tab, therefore, it will make a delay awaiting for next template / element.