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Analyse Captcha

Submitted: 3/2/2016
 I want to know whether I can analyse the follow
 captchas by visualwebripper.
 And,whether I can analyse the captcha such as "please you click a
 special image".
 Best Regards,
Replied: 3/2/2016 9:01:59 AM

Point 1 is populated as encrypted text by javascript, 

Point 2 has asked that moving cursor from left to right, 

Both are hard to simulated in VWR editor, VWR is only able to setup to de-captcha based on captcha image, for last special case you mentioned , it never been able to decode exactly what image should be selected / clicked, it very depends on what question that captcha page asks for, so it has been quite hard to simulate this kind of rare decaptcha action .