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disable check for duplicates, howto?

Submitted: 2/15/2017

Does anyone know how I can disable the functionality which checks for duplicates?

In a page area, i have a A-template (list) which goes to detail-pages. For a special reason (not important here), I want the project to actually visit the URL, even if the bot has visited the same URL previously in the project. The duplicate-handling settings are available in the "advanced"-tab on the A-element. However, I can seem to find a way to set that up so that it doesn't cancel the visits to these duplicate URLs.

please help.


Replied: 2/16/2017 6:29:14 AM

Hi Fred,

Please attached your agent file here so we can make a close look.

As default, VWR never check for dullicates unless you indicate them, or it could be a site problem.

Best regards,