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Submitted: 5/20/2013

Hi Support Team,

I hereby request you to check the details of the project required by me and provide the output.
Then I have few queries regarding the usage of Visual Web Ripper that I would like to clear with you.

Below are the details of the project that I am looking for:

Objective of the project:
-> I want to extract certain details of the IT companies of USA
-> I want the details of around 1000 entries or more (If possible ALL; there are 116253 company details listed)
-> I want the details in Excel Spreadsheet (Demo file attached)
-> Below are the details I want to get extracted about the companies in Spreadsheet:
            1. Name of the company
            2. Address of the company
            3. Contact number
            4. Website address
            5. One line recommendation
            6. Logo of the company (in .jpg image format)

Problem faced by me so far using Visual Web Ripper:

1. When I am trying to extract the data spread through multiple web pages, the application extracts the data from the first page only, leaving the data in the rest of the pages untouched 

2. I am unable to apply the option create list.

3. Not able to extract pictures in .JPG Image format

Please check and confirm,

Thanks for the co-operation.


Saurabh Tiwari,
Manager, Research & Analysis, E Virtual Services LLC
Skype ID: tsaurabh.evs
Phone (612) 293-6409


Replied: 5/20/2013 11:25:32 PM
Please check the attached demo project.

the project starts with state links, in detail page, the first page has different layouts to other next pages, I've combine the both of layouts using xpath for each element.

Except for 1st page, I don't seem to find the logo for company, and the website has to be captured by sign in.

Usually, you can activate the 'Navigate in browser' button in toolbar , this will enable to type in sepcific url manually, then open it , furthermore, you disable the 'Naivgate in browser' button back to selection mode, you will be able to figure out the difference between different layouts from different urls , then you can attempt to combine the selection xpath for them ..