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Scheduled agent did not produced data.

Submitted: 1/31/2016

Hi Support,

We have 130 agents scheduled in our system and and many of them did not produced. The  problem when we moved to the new server. In the old server, we are running windows 7, and version 2 of VWR. But in our new server, we are running Windows 8 and version 3 of VWR. When I ran the agents manually, it run successfully and produced the right data. But when scheduled, the problem began, it did not produced the data. 

We don't know the point of the problem. The task scheduler is showing an error in the last run result. Please see the attached file.


Brian Javier


Replied: 2/1/2016 3:29:57 AM

We don't recommend that you schedule much projects in a short time , it could be low performance and cause unexpected issues.

You should try to isolate this specific issue why the task scheduler is showing an error (what's the specific error as you saw?) .

You might try to schedule serveral projects only, and setting Log level = 3 or higher for each project. when scheduling those projects, is there any errors to be outputed in log files?