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Problem with captcha solving

Submitted: 2/16/2016
in this project (in attachment), i have problem with captcha solving, are recaptcha. With manual input work ok, with bypasscaptcha work ok, with deathbycaptcha doesn't work ok. Seems that go faster but don't recognize a lot of captcha. Also GSA Captcha Breaker don't recognize recaptcha.
Have you got some solution? Can be a project problem that need to modify to use deathbycaptcha?

Another question, with Visualwebripper is possible to use other captcha solving service? How?

Csv file is for "Codice fiscale" field.


Replied: 2/17/2016 3:09:45 AM

Decaptcha very depends on what 3rd party service provider does, VWR only provides script interface binding with the 3rd party decaptcha API service, if the 3rd party service doesn't work properly as you desired, you may consider to try other service provider.

Your decaptch config seems to be correct excpet you disabled the service API scripts. we recommend  that you use deathbycaptcha service, thought it should be enough well.