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Submitted: 3/4/2013

Dear Staff,

I downloaded your trial version for Visual Web Ripper, but I can't set it up.

Here is a sample URL from where I would like to extract data:

I would like to extract the product from  the list in this page (I have more than 4000 similar URL, but they have the same structure).

First, to get available stock information, I need to auto-login once (top of the page <Login>, username: REKASITRADE, password: arnaudls1). Can we do this in VWR?

Then, extract, for each line:

-Products names (here, 10BQ100TRPBF to BAS28)

-First quantity (here, for first line: 3000+)

-First price (here, for first line: 0.08)

-Multiplicity (here, for first line: 3000)

-Min. amount (here, for first line: 3000)

-on stock (here, for first line: 0) - Must be logged in to see this value! -

Extracted data should be stored in CSV, but any other format should be fine.

If you can show me how to achieve this, then VWR is definitely the software I need!

Thank you for help.

Replied: 3/4/2013 2:01:32 AM
Please check the attached demo project.