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Load all available products

Submitted: 4/16/2018
Hello Support-Team,

i tried 2 days to find a solution, but now I give up.

I would like load in the template "LP" all products (f.e. in the 1st category = 27). I run the project and it takes only the first 12.

I remembered the Ajax action "windowscroll" but I forgot in which template I can use it and all the advanced specifications, that it works at the end.

I have no more ideas and please to help me.

File "Busch-model_2018-04-15" is my best result (all 27 products are downloaded) but there is a bug from me and it download a few times the same products.

File "Busch-model_2018-04-17" loads always only the first 12 products.

Thanks in advance.


Replied: 4/17/2018 2:31:27 AM

The major problem is that you setup 'List' option for 'LP' template, so it will cycle through all links on scroll, that will cause duplicated products.

Another hand, not sure where you setup 'Duplicate check' for 'LP' template, therefore, it won't be able to proceed on next category.

Attached is the new project that I've recreated 'LP' template , it seems to extract each category / product as well.