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Extract tables

Submitted: 4/25/2012

Hi, I want to extract the two tables on this page - see the attachment

I need to get all the data from the two tables in the same output as shown in the Excel attachment. All on one table

I hope you can do this. The software seems promising :o)


Replied: 5/3/2012 7:41:56 AM
Please check the sample project file.  This will require knowledge in page area and XPath.  All the contents can be captured, however, the order of the columns will be automatically controlled by Visual Web Ripper.  If you want to control the order of the columns, you will need to manually create export script.

Replied: 4/25/2012 7:47:14 AM
Please check the attached sample project.

Replied: 5/2/2012 12:56:37 PM


Thank you for the reply, but the exported data isn't in the same format that I listed in the Excel document. We need all the information in this order because the table updates every 10 minutes, that includes the times in the column name. If this kind of tables isn't possible we have too look at other solutions. :( I hope you can help me