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Cancel script on PageArea Conditional

Submitted: 3/7/2016

Hi, I have two templates in a project:

1. Name:[Errortemplate] is a PageArea (optional template) with an xpath to a div that will only appear whe the form is submited and it throws an error.

2. Name: [Consulta] is a FormSubmit (not optional) that it does the form data input and regarding search for data.

Both templates are at the same level in the project (at the begining of the project) and the ErrorTemplate (PageArea) has a conditional script that it is executed and cancel the execution in case it is matched. But it seems no to be working.

Question: How I can cancel the hole project execution with a script in case it matches the [Errortemplate] PageArea template once I executed the FormSubmit template.

Addional: The ErrorTemplate and the Form (not the search results) are in the same webpage.

Replied: 3/8/2016 7:08:58 AM

It's better to attach the specific project for diagnose why the conditional scripts couldn't work as expect, 

If you intend to cancel whole project once condition scripts returns false, you can setup 'Cancel template on failure' = {Your Poject Name} in advanced options where you put conditon scripts.