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Projects Hang Ripper

Submitted: 2/6/2016

I have created two seperate projects.  Both of them worked perfectly when I created them.  Once I close Ripper and relaunch these two projects hang the ripper.

Can you tell me how to avoid this?

Thanks, Michael

Replied: 2/6/2016 6:50:12 PM

Update - Running latest version 3.0.6 Ripper, Win 7 Pro x64

The steps below allowed me to open the project without the program hanging.

  1. I uninstalled Ripper and reinstalled.
  2. Changed two project settings before loading saved project.
  1. Web Browser Emulation = I.E v11 from I.E v9
  2. Turned proxy off.  Received a loginto request from your free proxy service 'Private Proxy Switch'


Replied: 2/8/2016 2:26:07 AM

Unfortunately, in this case the HTML5 parser produces HTML that causes the IE9 rendering engine to hang. The best option is to switch to the IE11 rendering engine, which you have already done. You could also switch from the HTML5 parser to the Fast parser, which will also resolve the problem.