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Page navigation problem

Submitted: 2/26/2016



I am web entrepreneur and I use the software yellow pages spider to generate leads. I came across your software, and I believe VWR is the useful solution for us thirsty for information. This requires a programming VWR and this is my problem.

I mainly collects sales lead on, and my blockage is on the navigation page, ditto for

Is it possible to extract mailto in the website found?


I tried to suck the but displays:

"Our forgiveness Interruption ...

As You Were browsing something about your browser made us think You Were a bot. There are A Few Reasons this might happen:"


Can you help me solve these problems so that I can decide to buy VWR during the trial.


Please find attached the project.


Sorry for the language,  I go through the google translate because I speak little English.

I look forward to your early response.



Replied: 2/28/2016 12:47:45 PM

I've checked, it doesn't seem to submit query properly, but I tried to open result page with specific parameters same as the query you assigned for form fields: 

Then I've clicked / opened on  'EMAIL' button through several items, but I'm unable to see where it show me the actual email address, can you please give me specific guidance where I can find email address?

For, I'm unable to open the start url in either VWR editor or IE browser, even I've tried to set proxy , but it 's not working, I'm guessing that website has limited to access with specific i/p address, if you figured out exactly what i/p address could work with the 'Manta' site , you can set the specific proxy i/p address in your project, see if it works? However, I tried 'proxy swich' option , it doesn't work anymore.