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Advantage Sales and Marketing

Submitted: 3/3/2014

Please create an XML file based on the following (template attached).

  1. Open the target UL
  2. Hover over Search Jobs by Category
  3. Select Cutomer Service Jobs and click on it
  4. Click on first job title in the list to go to the job description page
    • On the job description page, capture:
      • Job Title (first blue header)
      • Req# (just the number, for example, "IN-E103541"
      • Job Description, beginning after Req#
    • Click Apply Now button and capture:
      • URL
      • City
      • State
      • Zip
      • Please capture Zip again and call it Location Name
  5. Repeat for all jobs in the category
  6. Repeat process for the following additional categories:
    • Event Specialist Jobs
    • Other Jobs
    • Retail Jobs
    • Retail Merchandising Jobs
    • Sales Jobs
  7. Please add a node called Brand to the file, value should be "Advantage Sales and Marketing" for every item
  8. Please add a node called Employment Type to the file, value should be "FullTime/PartTime" for every item
  9. Please remove duplicates from the file based on Req#
  10. Please make zip/location name replacements for these locations:
  • Santa Fe, NM = make zip 87501
  • Lexington, KY = make zip 40502
  • Ankeny, IA = make zip 50023
  • Redwood City, CA = make zip 94062
  • Tampa, FL = make zip 33602
  • Hattiesburg, MS = make zip 39401
  • Jackon, MS = make zip 39401
  • Salt Lake City, UT = make zip 84111
  • Boston, MA = make zip 02108
  • Pasadena, CA = make zip 91101
  • Belmont, MA = make zip 02478
  • Port Lavaca, TX = make zip 77979
  • Corona, CA = make zip 92879
  • Lee, MA = make zip 01238
  • Waltham, MA = make zip 02451
  • Gallup, NM = make zip 87301
  • Brookline, MA = make zip 02445

I am attaching an example of our XML template and key.


XML Sample.xml
XML_Key v1.6.xlsx

Replied: 3/7/2014 9:27:38 AM
Good Afternoon,

I am trying to review this project and it does not seem to be working. I've saved the document to a folder. I tried both options to run the project (Run Project and Run Project in Editor), both seem to be producing zero results. I tried checking the View Browser option to see what was happening and it appears to be a blank page. Can you help?

Thank you,
3-7-2014 12-22-56 PM.png
3-7-2014 12-22-48 PM.png
3-7-2014 12-23-08 PM.png

Replied: 3/3/2014 5:46:05 PM
Please check the attached demo project and sample data.

You need to put the project file in the default projects folder, then running the project.

For Req# element, by default, I've used another name called Req_no (since VWR doesn't allow special char to be written in output database), and checked mark "duplicate check" option in Misc tab for the element, this will guarantee that it won't export duplicated records to have same Req_no.

Then I've enabled 'Element wait condtion' in Misc tab for 'City' element, since when opening 'job_list_link_1' link template(i.e, Apply now button is clicked), it will take a little of delay to load the location in popup by javascript.

With the mapping list of locations that you gave, I've placed it in content transformation as c# script variable in 'Zip' element, then converting to the specific zip code in the mapping list if the original location has matches with any of them.

The Data export target is XML now, you still can choose other target type as you want .

Replied: 3/7/2014 5:30:31 PM
See the attached new project.

I'm guessing that you couldn't found some of templates when running the project, therefore , it won't extract any data, I've marked check 'Wait for element' option and enabled "Element Wait Condition' for 'job' and 'jobs_list_link_1' template, see if it works for you?

You can check 'Debugging' checkbox when running the project in debugging window, if the issue persists, please you attach the log file in default log folder:
  • My Documents\Visual Web Ripper\Log