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Project with events to configure

Submitted: 1/21/2016
Hi, in my project I have difficult to activate drop down menu, that can be activated only after clicking on a region. i have configured two action events but never changed.
Project is in attachments


Replied: 1/21/2016 4:59:11 AM

There is only one template - 'Click' in your project.

The 'Click' template has wrong configured in action events, I've revised it then it can be opened and active the drop down at righ hand side.

Now, I've further created two form fields with 'AJAX' action, then setting a form submit template with 'auto-submit' action, the result can be refreshed properly along with the options in dropdown. See the attached new project.

In general, to find specific action events, you can use Chrome browser 's inspector tool, please you refer to the below topic: