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Next Page navigation not working

Submitted: 2/19/2016
OK this is another Next page navigation issue. I am able to navigate the link list on page 1 of results, extract the desired data from each of the 10 details pages, navigate to page 2 of the results, navigate the link list on page 2 of results, extract the desired data from each of those 10 details pages but then when it goes to do the Next Page navigation on page 2 it takes me back to page 2 results and grabs them again and seems to loop like this. I have tried multiple settings for javascript and ajax on the next page navigation template with no luck. I am attaching the project file.

Replied: 2/19/2016 6:44:57 AM

Detail links template can be opened in a new tab (i.e, start new web browser) , therefore, you don't have to setup a 'back' template anymore, 'back' template is only used for AJAX action that last result couldn't be navigating back.

Attached new project works fine at run-time, it has iterated through 3 pages more, I haven't seen the case you mentioned.