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Pull username from csv file

Submitted: 3/7/2017
I'd like to pull a username and password from a .csv file.  Can you tell me what the sql code would look like if I select Jet connection to csv ?  attached is csv.

Replied: 3/9/2017 4:58:13 AM


This should work. 

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Replied: 3/8/2017 1:12:01 PM
updated csv file upload to include new password
Replied: 3/8/2017 8:30:01 AM


Can you provide me a sample site you want to use? Usually, you can use a database lookup and connect that csv a imput. 


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Replied: 3/8/2017 1:14:30 PM

Replied: 3/8/2017 12:35:25 PM
The attached project works great.  I'd just like to update to pull username and password from csv.