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PageNavigation jumps to random pages, leading to infinite looping

Submitted: 3/29/2016
Hi there,

I have completed a project to extract data from a multipage website and it seems to be working only for the first ten pages when things go wrong. On the tenth page, the page jumps to the second page and continue until the tenth page and then move on to random pages after that to continue extracting data, leading to infinite looping process which cannot be completed. When I manually terminate the process and export the data, it contains multiple repeated entries.

 Attached is my project file. Please help!

Thank you.

Replied: 3/30/2016 9:36:32 AM


I have checked the project file and web site then modify the pagination template to open the page on Java Script Asynchronus.

I added the pageNbr content which will display page number on export data so please run the project file and check the page number as well.

The project file is working properly on my end so please check and let me know if it is working properly on your end.

Best Regards:


Replied: 3/30/2016 10:15:49 AM

The website does not work properly. It's the same in any web browser. After a certain amount of time the website gets confused and sends you to the wrong page.

You can try and restart the web browser at a cetain interval. That may work when there are not too many pages. See attached project.