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Submitted: 2/27/2013


I would like to see how you would configure the programme to a rip cetain category, all the way from the home page to the product page, while also going throught the next pages on the list pages of the certain category.

On the home page the first caegory I want you to go into is:Sähkötarvikkeet, automaatio & kaapelit

In this category I want to follow it down to a second category of: Autmaatio ja ohjas > Aani- j valomerkit
This will bring you to this page:

Then the last category we need to go dow into is: Beacon - Souder Combinations -

In this category there are 172 products spread over 9 list pages that show 20 products per page.
I would like you to Collect all of these products on all 9 list pages and follow the products down to Product level.

Once on prodct level we need to collect, (if possible)

  • Sitename
  • Countryame
  • Categories
  • ProductID
  • Prouct Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Manfacturer Part Number
  • ROHS
  • Availabilty
  • Stock Available
  • Pack Type
  • Price Breaks
  • Prices
  • URL
  • ImageURL

Please can you see if this can be done, as I tried this and strugged to do it.

Kind regards,

Warren Ramsden-Smith.


Replied: 2/28/2013 4:24:20 PM
That's right. A trial version only allows max 100 web elements, you need to purchase full professional version then getting unlimitated elements..

You can view our demo videos where to teach you how to develop the similar project.


Demo Videos

Quick Start

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Replied: 2/27/2013 5:54:53 AM
Please check the attached demo project.

Replied: 2/28/2013 6:40:24 AM
Hi Simon,

Thank you for your quick response.

I downloaded the demo project and took a look into it.

There are a few issues, the first is that in our trail version I can only extract a maximum of 100 web elements.
So when I run the programme it doesn't finish or even get past the first couple of products. I have attached a print screen of what my trail shows me.

Secondly, I know that this programme you have developed will strip all the information i need. However its not the end programme that I need to see, i need to see what you did what elements you captured. i need a video demo of how you developed the programme we have requested.

Can this be done, as the end programme doesn't help me at all. Its the how and what you did during the programming that i need to be able to see and understand.

Kind regards,

Warren Ramsden-Smith
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