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grapevine web ripper

Submitted: 5/14/2012

I would like the web ripper to navigate to the "more details" portion of all the posted listings. I would like the web ripper to then extract the phone number of the person listing the property along with the address of the property all as seperate elements.

Next I would like the property description of the main level Lower level and Upper level all extracted as seperate elements. Also, the other page areas of text under/beside a bold title would be helpful. basically to sum this all up I would like a way to have certain elements seperated.

Grapevine web

Replied: 5/15/2012 7:55:56 AM

I have captured Main level, Loer level and Upper level. The Address and PhoneNumber can not be easily selected because the content is not well formatted.
Grapevine web ripper(3).rip