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Extracting data from xml

Submitted: 12/15/2015

Hi Support,

Just wondering if it is possible to capture data from xml format like this one,

I tried different methods but nothing works. 


Brian Javier

Replied: 12/21/2015 2:43:34 AM

Unfortunately, it's not possible to save it back to lower version , we've been keeping to support on latest version always.

You might try to install latest version on another PC, you will see exactly what I did changes.

Replied: 12/20/2015 4:53:55 PM

Thanks for your response.

I can't open the agent file you gave because of the VWR version I am using. We have 2 serials and the one that I am using the one with no support. Could you save it for version 2.125.0?

Thanks again

Brian J.

Replied: 12/15/2015 8:59:04 AM
Visual Web Ripper does not really support XML. The XML parser was added to allow some very basic form of XML support. You will get no visual support and will need to enter selection XPaths manually.

Please see attached project, I've set web crawler parser = XML in project's advanced options, and setting individual web crawler parser for 'AvaliableLoads' link template, the following new page area template has configured xpath as manually.

Our premium software Content Grabber does have full XML support if that software is an option for you.