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Submitted: 3/15/2013

I give up!

I tried to make a simple project but this site's page navigation is killing me. I think the problem is the "next page" arrow link, who doesn't dissapear when next page is reached.

So, the goal is to extract some data for all the ebooks from They are grouped by categories (see attached categories.PNG) and the ebooks from each category are splitted on several pages, depending of the total number (see attached next page link.PNG, which presents the first page of second category). Clicking on an ebook will load that ebook details page, from where several elements are taken.

My program is stucked on first category, getting the first page over and over.

Thank you so much for your time!





next page link.PNG

Replied: 3/15/2013 7:31:16 PM
See the attached new project.

I've applied the Condition script for the new element 'cur_page' , it will be processed at last (marked check "Process Last" in Misc tab), once it reaches the last page , it will cancel the page navigation.

Condition Scripts