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Yellowpage Content Plus Email Project

Submitted: 12/18/2012


I have tried using another scraping script tool, but it seems to not meet my needs.

The project/script I need seems fairly simple. Can you review my requirements and let me know if your product handles it and if you can create the script for me?


I am trying to build a web directory with some basic information pre-loaded (from your script).

The script will start at a search result page from

1. I create a search for:
"Hot Tubs and Pools" (first search field in YP)
"Tulsa, OK" (second search field in YP)
This search results in the search URL of:

2. from the result I copy the search result URL and paste it into your script.

3. I run the script and get in csv format the following fields

a. Company Name
b. Street
c. City
d. State
e. Zip
f. Phone
g. WebsiteURL
h. emailaddress

Data items a. ... g. should be easy to get.

To get the emailaddress, the script would have to "go to" the site located in WebsiteURL.  Then parse the page(s) and look for "mailto:" and extract the emailaddress.  I understand that the destination site's layout is unknown and will vary everytime - but can VWR parse through the html and search for "mailto:" or match an email format? 

4. The script runs and after completing, I will save the resulting data to a csv file and upload it to the directory.

Then - I repeat steps 1. ... 4. with another search.

The next would be something like:
"Hot Tubs And Pools" (first search field in YP)
"Seattle, WA" (second search field in YP)
Resulting in this Search Result URL:

I then paste this into your script and run it again.

I'll do this again and again for many cities in the U.S.

Does helium scraper do this?  Can you build this simple script for me?

Thank you for your time.

Peace & Joy,
Jeff Honeyager




Replied: 12/18/2012 4:50:21 PM

Please check the attached demo project and input csv file.

You can put the two files in same folder (e.g, the default projects folder), then running the project in VWR editor.


also, you can add new search terms in the input csv file.