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Scheduler not working

Submitted: 2/19/2016
Hi All,
Our projects had been running fine before xmas and around that time we had to update our ripper application, which corrupted our files and they have not worked correctly since but thats another story.

At the moment our scheduler is not working at all, in the log file i am getting the following error.
"Unable to load shedule status: C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Visual Web Ripper\Log\1.Viator_homepage.log. Unable to deserialize file. Error: There is an error in XML document (0, 0)."

I have attached a project, i understand the project doesnt seem to run but the scheduler should still attempt to run it, which it doesnt, so any help oradvice as to whats wrong with the format of the xml would be appreciated, thanks.


Replied: 2/21/2016 10:04:53 AM

Unfortunately, I'm unable to repeat your issue , I've tried to schedule the project normally, it works fine except for script errors at run-time.

I propose that you disable your anti-virus software , then get a try again. sometimes, antivirus-software may intercept scripts in rip project causing that rip project cannot be loaded from angent process.