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Sigma-aldrich Trial 1

Submitted: 4/17/2013

Hello, My name is Hiroaki.

I want to use this software for work.

If this software can get some informations as required, I'll parchase.


Sigma-Aldrich is reagent company.They sell a lot of reagent.

I want to get all of aldrich's reagent informations.

Please watch target website. If you Click "Asynmetric synthesis", 5 reagent categories appear.

Next, You click "New Products for Asymmetric Synthesis ", you can see 2 reagent.

Please click "757497 ", the reagent Details appeared.

In this page, I want to capture next texts.

1. Product name(ex. Boc-Pyr-OMe)

2. Product No(ex.757497)

3. CAS Number(ex.108963-96-8)

4. SKU pack Size(ex.757497-1G) (sometime another reagents have  2 or 3 SKU pack Size)



Next, I want to get the information of stoks of reagent.

If you click " FROM" in Availability, Small window appears(Availability details for 757497-1G).

Please enter "100" in a small square and click "check Availability".

You can see the text "79 ship on 04/18/13 from Alternate Warehouse 21 estimated to ship on 06/11/13"

This is stock information(cf. pic1). I need to separate this text.

7. Stock 1 (ex.79)

8. Stock date1 (ex.04/18/13)

I want to get 8 informations of all reagent in target website. Can visual web ripper get these informations?



Replied: 4/17/2013 6:04:28 PM
Please check the attached demo project.

Replied: 4/20/2013 1:40:58 PM

Thank you for your demo project (

I used this file on visual web ripper trial version.

I feel that this project doesn't gave me correct result.

I attached the result  image.

Please check its problem and give me any advice.



Aldrich trial run1.jpg

Replied: 4/20/2013 7:15:40 PM
Please check the attached new project.

The issue should be caused by the incorrect selection xpath with 'from' link template not matching to the 'From' link where it's no longer existing like what you gave screenshot at first time. 

Bascially, the website has changed their layout on the product page,

I've revised the xpath and make the 'from' template as optional and the timeout to wait is set to 3 secs only, even the template couldn't be found, it won't affect the data extraction for previous templates. also, just revised selection xpath for other elements, but not sure the rest of elements, you can further revise the selection xpath for those elements by youself,