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Amazon Automotive

Submitted: 11/27/2013

To be brief, I need to extract from Amazon's product pages the bulleted information (just beneath it's "Sold by" statement) and the paragraphs in the Product Descriptions section.

Steps to get to the data:

A) Go to;

B) Enter a search term (sku) in the search field, e.g.:


  1. 030616 303 Products
  2. 030340 303 Products
  3. 030350 303 Products
  4. 030550 303 Products
  5. 030551 303 Products
  6. 230337 303 Products

C. Click the link of the first product in the search results

D. Copy the bulleted info (see bulletedinfo.jpg attachment) and the paragraph/s in the Product Description (see productdescription.jpg attachment).


Replied: 11/27/2013 4:37:11 PM
Please check the attached demo project.

You need to put the project file and the csv file (you attached) in the default projects folder, then running the project, the agent process could take some time to populate the input csv data feeding in the form field - 'field-keywords'.