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Object instance error

Submitted: 1/5/2016
Hi Team,

I am working on a scrpe project ( where I am given with some data as input. The probelm is that search input should be selected from autocomplete value. I am not able to do that and most of the input data may not be available in autocomplete.

I have developed 2 projects. One to select all data by region and other specifically to select based on the input. I had few probelm with the date selection as I need to get data for few dates only (1, 10,20 and 30 of every month).

I have attached both the projects. I have made few setting changes as well (trial n error).  I request you to guide me what is the problem for the ERROR.

1. Booking_India - Copy : scrapes data by region
2. Booking_Test : scrape by input data. I have attached csv file as well.

for the dates i have written a script which should wotk i hope.

Thanks in advance.
Indian Resortlist CSV- Copy.csv
Booking_India -

Replied: 1/6/2016 2:28:30 AM

For Booking_India -, I've checked the templates and ran the project for a while, I don't seem to find any problem except for that 'NextPage' doesn't work properly to raise javascript timeout issue, I've revised to 'Javascript + Async.' action , it works well.

For, I haven't seen any problem yet, but the 'checkout_monthday' form field seems to have a wrong config starting from index - 1 , think it should be set to 0 since you feed data from input source, just keep to use default 0 should be ok. 'group' page area template seems to exist a problem with xpath, I've revised it.

See the attached new projects.

Booking_India -