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eHam Product Reviews

Submitted: 2/10/2014

I need all of the reviews with all fields of data pertaining to the equipjment reviews on


For instance, at this URL:, there is a table with "Category of Products" which is the start of the tree structure.

For each category (e.g., Amateur Radio Equipment Repair), there is a vendor name (e.g., AES Service) with 1 or more reviews. On this tree branch, there are several fields of "summary" data: Product, Reviews, Average Rating, Last Review, MSRP. Note that AES Service has 9 reviews in this product category.

For each product category and vendor, there are "n" reviews with the following fields: call sign (AA9RN), Rating (5/5), Date (Jul 21, 2011 21:36), Summary Eval ("Great"), Time Owned (months) and a narrative text field ("Wow Miles sure...."). I need all of these fields at this tree branch for each review.

In sum, I want a review-level dataset that links back up the tree to the Product Category and Vendor. This will allow me to analyze how each vendor compares across all products, within competitive products, and by reviewer across all products (identifying "negative" or "positive" reviewers).

Can you do this automatically with your product? If so, I'm interested!

Frank M. Howell

Replied: 2/10/2014 4:02:04 PM
This project iterates through all category, product, and reviews to extract data based on your information.
Please place the project file into Visual Web Ripper default folder to run it.